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Signs of a Desperate Woman

19 February 2010

We’ve all seen them or perhaps you are a woman that shows signs of desperation. Of course, every woman wants a good, decent God-fearing man and eventually a husband, but here are a few signs that will have men running the opposite direction.

The Never Ending Calls. A desperate woman’s cell phone never leaves her hand because she’s always calling and texting her victims. That’s right, victims; victims of her low self-esteem and loneliness. In the beginning, her victims are excited about her because she’s beautiful, has a nice body and seem to have her head screwed on right. Until suddenly, she releases her vicious bite and that is when her victims stop returning her calls, lock their doors and windows and pray that she will just go away.

Tight Like Glue. When a man retreats or simply says “I need some space to myself”, he’s trying to tell you that even though he cares for you, he needs time alone. Women are often times offended by this action or statement and really should not be. This almost always just means that he needs some time to himself but it could also mean that he feels a bit smothered; either way, a good dose of uninterrupted time and space should allow him to recuperate. The most important thing is to avoid making him feel trapped. Any man that thinks he may be prey will seek the nearest escape route.

Paying for Love. If you find yourself always paying the dinner bill, buying his clothes, filling up his gas tank, helping him pay for his living expenses, then you are probably paying for love. If after moving him into your home, you notice that all he seems to do is flick the remote control and is doing so while your leaving to go to work, you are indeed paying for love. You should never have to pay for anything that is free. If the relationship feels a little off centered (i.e., you paying for everything) then it probably is. As long as you continue to do these things he will love you (or at least what you think is love). But stop providing, and a good guess is he probably won’t be around much longer.

Dressing to reveal the flesh. Your breast is the first thing he sees, he can tell the color of your underwear, he knows if you have an inverted or protruding naval, and your cheeks (not the facial ones) are all in his face. If you listen to the studies or have even done your own homework, you know that men have one thing on their mind when they see you dressed provocatively and it is not your brains. If you attract him with your mind, you will keep him guessing, but if you entice him with your body, before long, to him you are nobody.

Your Time will Tell. Club hopping is your thing, always at the after work affair, and always trying to find the next best thing. Your life is consumed with date after date, club after club, bar after bar, and you allow anyone in your space just so you won’t be alone. The word says “Who so find a wife” (Prov. 18:22), but your motto is “She who finds a husband”. You spend so much time getting to know different men, but don’t know yourself. What a tragedy!

Stop the insanity! You are worth it! You were designed and crafted by the greatest manufacturer of all time. Your lack of information about yourself is what has you exhibiting these signs in the first place. Most of us have been there at some point in our life so don’t feel bad. I have personally, at one point in my life, lived out of desperation, I, too, had to stop the insanity and take time out to get know, love, and respect myself.

Nevertheless, the only way to find out about something is to go to its manufacturer. Your manufacturer happens to be the creator of all things, but when it came to you he broke the mold. You are, and still are his greatest creation. When he finished creating you he said “Very Good”. (Make the following a part of your daily confessions). The definition(s) of good:

(Say: I AM…)

Superior to the Average

Worthy of respect

Competent, thorough

Genuine, Real

Pleasant, Enjoyable


Of moral excellence

Valuable, Reliable

Able to elicit a specific reaction

Virtuous, Righteous

A high quality, excellent, fit

Honorable or worthy

Genuine, not counterfeit

Reliable, dependable, responsible

Free of distress or pain

Attractive and beautiful

(My favorite) Satisfactory for the purpose

Once you except, believe and fall in love with you the way your Manufacturer, God, loves you, then desperation will no longer define you. I advise you to look up and study every passage in our manual of operation (the Bible) on the word “LOVE”, and I can assure you that you will begin to fall in love with you!

Source: This article was written by Toy Banks, co-founder of Girls Gone God! is and image specialist and motivational speaker for self-esteem, confidence and purpose.

www.myspace.com/toybanksonline. This article was posted at http://www.girlsgonegod.com/.


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